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1 Month and Counting

October 3, 2013

You know what’s not funny? The same joke, over and over again. So I won’t complain any more about how I haven’t updated this thing during law school any more than I already have.

I DO get my results from the Bar Exam in November. That will be interesting. Come November, I’ll either be the happiest, hard working attorney, or a somewhat depressed, hard working legal intern. Either way!

I have found time to do more hobby. I am having problems posting the results of that into the WordPress site as you see it now at the iterativewarhammer blog. But the Flickr page where I’m posting my success is going well. I’ll link to that… right… here.

So, go and gaze upon my mighty works, and tremble!

In the meantime, I will be doing some car shopping. No one will be sympathetic to a lawyer or a legal intern who has to be dropped off by his wife each morning, and who walks home.

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