10 Days

May 2, 2011

So, a lot changed since that April 18th post preceding this one. Let’s just tick some things off the list:

– I got engaged to Tamsyn last August. That was very nice.
– I passed my first semester of law school at Texas Wesleyan. Fun.
– I got to visit Tamsyn after Christmas due to snow storms and horrible service from American Airlines. That was incredibly frustrating followed by lots of joy.
– I started a hobby of painting and modeling plastic and metal figures, which I wish I had more time for instead of homework.
– My son turned six, I hit 28. His party was better than mine.
– In ten days and four tests (one today) I’ll be done with my first year of law school.
– In two months and 14 days I’ll be getting married to Tamsyn in England.

So if you’ve got some spare prayers or happy thoughts, I’d appreciate them the next 10 days.

What have you been up to?

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