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Acceptance: Updated

April 20, 2010

I have a lot of news I’m going to spread over a few posts. I need to cover my new/old hobby of painting miniatures, my fantastical trip to England that I just returned from, and my acceptance into a law school.

First, the most immediate bit of news that most people will find quite important.

I got accepted to the 2010 Fall semester at Texas Wesleyan Law School. This is good news. I am still awaiting a decision from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.

The GI Bill should cover all the costs of me attending law school at Wesleyan. It’s located in Fort Worth, which is not too far away. Commuting would be possible and traffic would be less than going to Dallas.

Regardless of which school I go to, I will be a law student next fall. No teaching, no paralegal work, and no Army. Also, no social life.

If you’d like to see me before the Fall, please let me know! It will be a productive kind of social isolation.

Edit: As of April 18, it’s final: I’m going to Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth! ¬†Go Rams!

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