Terminal Leave Approved

June 5, 2009

This is not the plane back from Iraq, so I can discuss times that I will be travelling to come back to Texas.  If there is a terrorist out there dead set (suicide bomber pun?) on specifically coming after me, well, I feel more sorry for him having wasted all that effort since I am not that key of a player on the world stage… yet.  Perhaps this is like a Terminator thing, and Al-Qaeda is sending a bomber back in time to prevent my future self from bringing about world peace and an Utopian society.

I digress.  The important thing, today, is that July 7th, 2009 I will be taking my (hopefully) last government flight across the Atlantic ocean, and arrive in DFW International Airport to stay.  I won’t be visiting for just two weeks.  I will be staying to take up residence and work.

I know I sound excited, but the moment is somewhat bittersweet to me.  This means much more time spent with my son, which is, of course, the best thing; but I will be leaving a type of life where I excelled and agreed with me.  I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for familial concerns, I would have made a career out of the military, been successful, and, most importantly, enjoyed it.  Everyone is hesitant to leave a comfortable, rewarding life for the relatively unknown. 

Unfortunately, I do not have the time or resources to explore the vast realms of possibility, so I will take this good news and enjoy being able to stay in Texas for long enough to feel like a resident again.

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