I ate waffles with fruit, ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and powdered sugar for dinner!

May 29, 2009

Belgium is a wonderful country. They have their priorities straight. There was definitely that European tempo to life in the city of Brussels, where people would just sit around all day in the park or on benches, as if they were exactly where they needed to be. It’s like they were acting as backgrounds for my tourist experience, encouraging me to loaf along side them. Amazing. The weather was perfect the whole trip as well, being sunny and warm during the days, and just cool enough for pants and short sleeves at night. Everyone was out and about.

I did eat a waffle as described in the title of this post. It was great. I then had a nice hot cappuccino afterwards while sitting outside  in the Grand Market Place in the middle of Brussels.

I went toeach little restaurant in the square, sampling a different beer at each place. Belgian beer is strong, but it is tastier than most beers. I can drink an ale usually, but just plain American beer doesn’t taste good to me. Even nice German stuff gets too strong for me after two, at most. But the Belgium stuff tasted better and was stronger. The average American beer is two to three percent alcohol by volume. German beer sits around five or six. Belgium beer was nine on average, so it doesn’t take much. Good thing I didn’t have a rental car, I suppose. I never would have been able to drive it!

The chocolate is as good as they advertise and have a reputation for. It was curious to see many foreign chocolatier there as well, like Godiva, but as long as they made the products the local way, it all tasted exquisite. It’s pretty hard to mess up chocolate confectionery treats. Gauging from the wide range of product selection, I think the chocolatiers think this way:

Step 1: Find something edible.

Step 2: Cover it in chocolate.

Step 3: Charge Euro for it.

Step 3: Profit!

Speaking of charging Euro for things, I found a tie that said Brussels, Belgium in a pattern over the tie. After finding a nice tie in Paris, France last trip, I think the rule from now on is I must buy a tie wherever I travel on vacation or holiday. If I plan on being a teacher, and will be expected to wear ties, then I need more than the 7 I had when I worked at the bank. No one expects bankers to dress with variety, just nicely. It won’t be anything like Troy Dungan and his bow ties, but it will be a bit of flair. Realistically, if I wanted 1 per school day, I’d only need about 180 ties.

Now that I’ve typed 180 ties, that sounds like a lot. It will be one of those long term goals without any actual significance.

Go check out the pictures I took in Brussels by following the link to my Flickr page on the left side of the blog. The shots of the Market Place at night are my favorites.

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