Brussels or Bust

May 18, 2009

I had an ok weekend, for staying at home and doing almost nothing. I did go out Friday with a buddy and saw Star Trek, which received mixed reviews from the Trekker I went with. I thought it was a good reboot that met the spirit, if not the particulars, of the old show. Trek needed a reboot like this since the late 90s.

We stayed through the end and watched the Watchmen, thereby answering the old latin proverb. That movie is worth a second viewing, just like the comic stood up to multiple reads. The imagery, foreshadowing, themes, and dialogue are so rich that it’s a wonder that anyone debates whether it’s a good interpretation of the comic or not.

But besides laundry and some video games, not much else happened this weekend. That’s deplorable. I’d hate to break my record of 3 weekends at home in a row, so next weekend I’m going to Brussels, Belgium. I’m going to sample the fine Belgium Beer I hear so much about, see the palaces, and submit a couple of resolutions to the European Union for them to vote on. I’ll let you know when the motion for my nomination of “benevolent dictator for life” is passed.

What does this mean for you, faithful reader? Hopefully, more pictures. Also, a happier blogger. Thirdly, a chance to use the word thirdly.

If anyone has any travel suggestions of things to see while there, please let me know. Otherwise, I’m going to go read the Wikipedia entry on Brussels, and figure it out from there.

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