Paris, redux

April 30, 2009

Last weekend was too much for me, as evidenced by my previous post. So tomorrow, I leave for a 3 day weekend in Paris. This time, I hope to get into the Louvre instead of just admiring the outside, possibly climb the Notre Damesince my legs won’t be randomly cramping, and maybe even take a picture with me in it. I think that’s the major hit list. Also: one of the palaces, Troucedeau, a cruise on the river Sienne.

True story: last time, my mother received recommendations from two different people to try the crepes to the left of the Notre Dame cathedral. It wasn’t hard finding the incredibly subjective “left”, but it was hard picking from the six crepe stands in a row. Perhaps I’ll find the one this time.

Expect more pictures next week, and then I’ll prepare you for my next trip.

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