Hallo, Deutschland!

December 9, 2008

I arrived in Germany and am doing well. I got my barracks room, but I don’t have internet hooked up right now. I am released each day around 10 or 11 in the morning after attending some briefings and doing some necessary paperwork. I already got stuck with a couple of needles too.
I and other people have already done the “Wait, how do you coordinate these civilian clothes” and “where’s my weapon” type moments. It was, and has been, in the mid 30’s temperature wise, and has been raining at nights. It is so very cold. No snow right now, although it already has snowed some before we got here. I have never been so happy to see wet, cloudy weather in all my life.
I already ate a cinnamon roll at Cinnabun, but have not taken a break from working out yet. I worked out yesterday, and will be working out today as well. My barracks room is right across the street from the battalion HQ, in the same building as the company HQ, across the street in the other direction from both the DFAC and brand new Gym, and the library and work is across post, which means less than a 5 minute walk. It is great to be on such a small post sometimes.
I feel good and will let you know when I get internet set up at my barracks room, but the way German customer service is, if it takes more than a couple days, I’ll just wait until I come back to Germany to get it set up right.  
I will write again soon. Let the others know who are not reading this knowhow I am doing. Thanks.

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