April Showers

April 14, 2008

We haven’t had a lick of rain here, but that is ok. This is still the greenest I have seen the base, and I see pictures of the whole area which are even greener. It is weird to see life pringing up between the gravel and sand that coats this base. I am trying to document some of it, and have been taking pictures of the plants and other flora I can find on the base. It is inspiring to see it, and makes me smile, so perhaps you will enjoy the pictures as well. When I get some time and some bandwidth, I will upload them to my Flickr page.

I lost the Battalion Soldier of the Quarter board, but that is ok. I did very well, and didn’t prepare at all for it, so I am glad I did as well as I did given the amount of work I put into it. It was a little different than a normal board because it had a quick, rapid question format that felt like the lightning round of a gameshow, instead of the systematic grilling each board member does in a traditional board. There was a hands on portion that included maps, radio communications, and weapons knowledge, which went well. I am glad I was put forward as a candidate, and am also glad to be done with it.

I hope you all are doing well. I will be coming back sometime in May, so let me know now where in the Metroplex you will be, if at all. I want to spend this time with family and friends since I have to redeploy to Germany after this. I look forward to hearing and seeing you all.

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