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Status Update

March 28, 2008

Ok, yes, it has been a month again. A very busy month. First, a few situational updates.

I ran the fastest two miles I have ever run… I ran a 15:03. It was amazing. One of the attorneys was running next to me, who typically runs faster than I do, and had a watch with a GPS in it. When they said “1 mile” I was very surprised, to say the least. I didn’t feel bad at all! So I picked it up a little the rest of the way. If you had seen me, you would have thought something was weird, I kept jumping up and down, cheering, fist pumping in the air, etc. I will do a 14 something next time, now that I know the course and know I am capable of it. If I had run as hard as possible, instead of pacing myself, I could have done a 14:40 or so.

In a week and a half, I go to the Soldier of the Quarter board for my Battalion. On 28 February I won the Soldier of the Month board against two others who went to the competition. This one will be much harder, so please wish me luck.

A day or two before the Soldier of the Month board, I was recognized as “Iron Hero Of the Day.” If you go to the 1st Armored Division’s website, they have a link to download their “IronSights Magazine.” I am near the back, and it cites what I did to get recognized by the Commanding General and Division Sergeant Major. It was a very nice honor.

I turned 25 on the 19th. The office had a nice dinner, and a huge platter of cake and cookies on there for me. They got me a nice card, which was nice because of the thoughtful things written in it, not because it was a card from the “Friendship – Women” part of the rack. It is a very odd selection of cards they have at the PX, no simple birthday ones.

I have discovered KinderEggs. These are a magical chocolate confection with milk dark and white chocolate in the egg shell, wrapped in aluminum foil, and in the middle is a yellow capsule that holds a toy. SFC Davis showed me some, and I have been hooked since. Apparently they are illegal in the USA, so I can’t ship any to Luke, but this is probably for the best. If I had two KinderEggs, and my son asked for one, I would pause and think for a long moment before… I told them they were for adults only. He could have the toy, though. When I’m done with it, I mean.

I posted some more poems. I think they are available in the links section somewhere on this page. I didn’t update the main page,  just the poems themselves. If you haven’t read them before, enjoy the others. If you have read them before, then you’ll notice the new ones.

And now I got to go. I will update more often. Hope to hear from you all soon.

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