October 29, 2007

Someone mentioned to me that it was going to be Halloween soon in the good ol’ USofA. I’d seen a sign up at the Dining Facility advertising something about Halloween, but to be honest, I had forgotten about it. Understandably, the military does not want soldiers to be dressing up as people they’re not supposed to be, which is why we wear rank, nametags, and a person can get in trouble for wearing someone else’s rank or nametag. The idea of Halloween got me to thinking, though.

No St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s day. Those state holidays like Veteran’s day or Memorial day, or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, all come and go, pass us by here in Iraq, with perhaps a ceremony presided over somewhere on the base for half an hour. Nothing exceptional, since we don’t take days off.

It’s odd, but it’s necessary. But I will miss the odd Labor day, or even the unofficial ones like Halloween. Trick or Treat!

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