Vroom, Vroom.

October 5, 2007

So I got to do some driving in a HUMMV over the past few days. Those vehicles are beasts, let me tell you. The speedometer only goes up to around 70, but there’s nothing better than flying down a three lane road at 40mph, passing the convoy, the gunner on top going, “Woohoo!” and screeching to a halt to block some traffic so that the convoy can proceed. Rolling over some sand dunes while explosions and gunfire are rattling off, and the radio crackling with frenzied voice traffic could be close though.

Of course, I only say it was fun because it was training, because if I was doing the same thing in actual combat conditions, I’m sure I’d be scared witless as all this happened, but at least I now know such manoevres are possible. The fact that it was almost 130 degrees out dampened spirits a little bit, and that I hadn’t had a shower in 3 days made the vehicle smell a little bit, but this the Army stuff I signed up for. I am lucky to get to sit in an office most of the time, but then to also have a chance to do the fun training. JAG Corps, hooah!

All Army grandstanding aside, I am glad to be back in the relative civilization that contains running water and a chow hall.

I will be moving again soon, so I will post when I have some time and opportunity. Hope to hear from you soon!

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