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Sand, Sand, Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Drink

September 28, 2007

Hello from Southwest Asia. Apparently the cradle of civilization (arguably) is also almost an unbearable climate. I don’t understand why everything should get started here, but I do know why they went forth and populated the earth… anything has got to be better than this. The land is flat and sandy as far as you can see, when you can see. The rest of the time, a haze hangs over the horizon that looks like smog, but is really dust on a scale most people will never understand. It makes you feel insignificant, like one of the grains of sand.

Truth be told, it is not as hot as I thought it would be. Texas has been hotter, and more humid, but the sand is the thing. It really does get into everything. Perhaps I sound naive when I mention something I have been told a million times before about this place, but you don’t understand until you see it for yourself. Such is with many things in life, apparently.

Well, there is some debate on the mailing address for my unit once we get to Iraq, so I will let you know as soon as that is firmed up so you all can send me a few nice things. I am well taken care of on that front, so I would rather most of you spend your money on flat rate postage boxes filled with treats and goodies for the rest of the soldiers in my company. I will hand them out to the single soldiers or the “not single but forgotten” soldiers. They need the morale boost of adoring fans as much as the next junior enlisted. The officers will have to fend for themselves though, they make enough money to buy friends if they really need them. (Joke!)

The internet here in southwest asia is a bit spotty, but once I get to my final destination I will supposedly have a much more solid connection to the world wide web. Then I will be able to fulfill my promise of delivering more poetry and updating you all more often than once a month or so.

I have been keeping a personal journal, and I reccommend this practice to everyone. It is a very liberating experience to get the things and thoughts off your chest and onto something solid to read back. It has seemed to help my memory of important things in the last week or so, and helps me digest what has happened so that I can prioritize better for the next day. I might post some snippets, but most of the journal is for me and therefore not suitable for public consumption. It is very raw, and very unedited. I don’t even try to fix my spelling! Gasp!

Since it might be a while until I update again, I hope you understand I still care for all of you who read this because the only way you know to read this is I invited you to do so. Till then, Asta La Vista.



September 16, 2007

I have been working hard lately to try and get all my poetry consolidated and in one place. While I was packing, I pulled a lot of the stuff that I have on paper and brought it with me to my temporary lodging before I deploy. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to post it to the web eventually, but I need to request something of the friends and family who read this blog.

When I write poetry, I like to write what I know about. Unfortunately, I think there is more that I don’t know anything about than stuff I am familiar with. One of the ways I learn about new things is trying to think like the people who are in different situations and figure out how I would handle those situations.

Some of my poems will be about things I don’t know anything about, like surviving a wildfire that burns up my home, whereas some will be about things I am intimately familiar with, like comic book shops or being awkward with women. Others will be fun and light hearted, and many will be dark or morbid.

My request and warning for all of you is that you do not ask me about whether the poem is about my real life or if it is based on imaginary events and feelings. I don’t have to put any of these up since I am not getting paid or am publishing anything. I am only doing this so people can get to know me a bit better and so people can enjoy what I’ve written. An ideal situation is that someone is actually moved by or stops to think about the subject of one of my poems.

Be on the lookout on this blog for the poetry page, or at least a link to a poetry page, to go up soon. If you have any further questions, please email me.


September 10, 2007

I know I’m supposed to be the strong one since I’m going off to war, but I do have an admission or two to make. These past few weeks in this big empty apartment have really been getting to me. For a while, it was like Jessica and Luke were just on vacation and they hadn’t come back. My schedule was off, and I was sleeping weird hours, but that’s because I had just gotten off leave.

But I didn’t really seem to get any better. I was healthy, could do all the push-ups and sit-ups I needed to, but I just didn’t feel right or could get to bed on time. Then the orders for our Early Return of Dependents came to me, and I was able to move most of the furniture and goods out. I think it got worse then.

I like people. I can have plenty of fun all by myself reading and playing computer games, but at the end of the day, I’d rather be talking to someone or playing a game with someone than sitting alone in my apartment. I’ve always had room mates in college, and married life seemed to be just what I needed. Once Luke came along, I had someone to play with when even Jessica felt like she got enough of my attention for that day, which I completely understand.

Now they are all gone and I’ve been stir crazy in this apartment for weeks. Not for just human interaction, which I get at work, and at PT, but the little things. When I read something funny, I can point it out to someone. When slashdot or my webcomics don’t update, I can have someone to explain my troubles to. I never ran out of things to do between spending time with the family and getting other stuff done. I think I might have even complained to Jessica that I didn’t get any time for myself, which might have been true, but sure seems silly now.

There’s something weird about our relations with other people, in that it is very rarely that someone outside of my family, even if they’re a friend and I like them, can give me that feeling of having enough meaningful contact to not feel lonely. Even when Luke or Jessica were mad at me, I’d rather have them here and mad at me than pleasant and 6000 miles away.

I guess you could say I miss them.

Oldie but Brokie

September 9, 2007

Well, apparently I broke my website. I don’t know how, really, but I’m pretty sure it’s my fault. It’s ok. I didn’t have anything up there that wasn’t reproducable since I use something else for the movies and the pctures. That is one benefit of the digital age: that a single fire will seldom wipe out a complete treasure trove of memories. Not that I started a fire either, but you know, metaphorically.

In the meantime, I will be using this to blog about things and then I will be trying to get the old blog up and running again. Keep your fingers crossed though, I might not be as capable as a website administrator than I think I am. I mean, I did break it once already.

I will be out of the loop for the internet for a couple of weeks just because I have to turn off the internet here at my apartment tomorrow. I have it at work, but I can’t abuse it since it’s the Government’s resources. If I want to preach the benefits of fiscal responsibility and limited government, then I need to be a good custodian of your tax dollars. I pay some too, but trust me… it’s not as much as you pay.

This is especially true since my entire 15 months of tax free income is set to begin soon. Of course, I can’t say anything specific since I’m part of the force going, but if you read the newspapers or google for about 30 seconds, you’ll know as well as I do when I will be going. I think National Security held up a little better before the internet, but that’s not really my problem to solve right now.

I will post the mailing address up here some time soon, that way you can all send me or my unit care packages. Anything I don’t use or eat I will pass on to the less fortunate soldiers who do not have as much of a fan club as I do.

In the meantime, please be good to each other and I look forward to reading your emails once I get some more access to the internet at an undisclosed location and at an undisclosed future time.

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